Opulo's goal is to create machines that allow people to create products at a larger scale than they could have otherwise. This blog post explains the ethos of the project, but in summary: Consider breaking the scales of producing a product into three broad categories. The smallest scale is prototyping, where you make 1-100 a year, using all hand tools, and very manual fabrication processes. The largest scale is mass production, where you hire a contract manufacturer to manage production of your product, use machines that cost upwards of a few million dollars, and requires a tremendous capital investment.

There currently isn’t much to help facilitate the third category, mid-scale production. This is where you have a significant number of units to produce (100-5000 a year), but not enough to justify hiring a contract manufacturer to make them for you.

The goal of the LumenPnP and future Opulo machines is to help folks bridge the gap between prototyping and mass production.