The LumenPnP is an open source, desktop pick and place machine. Whether you're hand assembling a few dozen prototypes, or manufacturing hundreds to thousands of units a year, the LumenPnP can automate your SMT assembly in-house and let you get back to doing what you do best.

    Orders placed now have an estimated 6 week lead time.

    Next Generation Upgrades

    Easy Setup with Pre-Built Machine Subassemblies

    Closed-Loop Vision System with Integrated Lighting

    Fully Open Source and Constantly Improving

    Maximum PCB Size: 225mm x 400mm

    Minimum Component Size: 0402

    Hackable for Emerging Applications 

    Easy Assembly Process

    The LumenPnP ships to your door in just a few pre-assembled sections, so setup takes less than an hour.

    Let us help you focus on what matters most - taking control of your production line.

    Dual Nozzles Out Of The Box

    With two pick heads, you'll be placing twice as many parts and cruising through panels.

    Having two nozzles also means half as many nozzle tip swaps, saving time and optimizing production.

    Getting Started Made Easy

    We walk you through every part of setup, including placing your first board with comprehensive onboarding documentation, video tutorials, and the included Getting Started Kit.

    This kit includes a Functional Test Placement (FTP) PCB - a calibration tool that helps you learn the ropes of running a job and getting your machine ready for work. Plus, the Opulo Support Team is always here to help if you ever need a hand.

    Learn More 

    Get Right To Work 

    Every LumenPnP comes with a fully kitted out tool bag. We provide everything you need to not only get your machine assembled and configured, but also to dive straight into production and keep your machine running smoothly.

    Feeder Support Built-In

    The LumenPnP is designed with component feeder control in mind. When we have powered feeders available for sale in early 2023, they'll be able to work seamlessly with your machine.

    In The Box

    • LumenPnP Pick and Place Machine
    • Two Nozzle Configuration for Dual Pick Heads
    • Two Staging Plates for larger working area
    • 24v DC Power Supply 
    • USA-style Power Cord Included
    • Supports 110v 220v AC Input 
    • USB Type-A to USB-B Cable
    • Packaged Safely with Recycled PE Foam
    • Fully Tested & Assembled Electrical System
    • One set of six CP40 Nozzle Tips 
    • Ships with v3+ Hardware
    • Getting Started Kit
    • FTP Calibration PCB
    • Roll of Double Sided Tape
    • Starting Supply of Test Components
    • 8mm Strip Feeder
    • Universal PCB Fixture System
    • Complete Tool Kit 
    • 45° Tweezers
    • Metric Allen Wrench Set
    • Hobby Knife
    • ESD Safety Bracelet 
    • Flush Cutters
    • Silicone PTFE Grease
    • Tool Organizer Bag
    • Alignment Jig

    Technical Specifications

    Maximum PCB Size225mm x 400mm
    Minimum Component Size0402
    Placement Speed500-800 CPH (depends on component size and machine configuration)
    Machine Dimensions30in wide, 28in deep, and 10.6in tall
    (765mm x 710mm x 270mm)
    Power Consumption120W
    Control Software
    Device Firmware Marlin 

    Product Details

    This machine requires configuration and setup using OpenPnP. We provide default configuration files for the machine, but they will require some tuning for your specific build. We provide guided instructions for this process, which you can find on our docs page.

    Final machine design is subject to change before shipping. We are constantly updating and improving the machine design. 

    Proudly assembled in the USA.

    Items purchased in the same order will ship at the same time, with the longest lead time of all the included items.

    If you have any questions before ordering, you can reach us through our Support Form.

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